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The documentation of an academic report and a journal paper might be very different to each other as a journal paper has to be framed per the guidelines of the targeted journal. Maintaining the correct layout of a journal paper is quite a laborious job but significant enough.

Do You Need Formatting or Proofreading?

Many scholars have a dilemma whether they should go for formatting or proofreading services. To clarify on the matter, let us inform that you require proofreading assistance when you also want to get your work checked on basic linguistic errors too. Formatting does not cover that element and only focuses on the overall content format.

What We Cover under Journal Paper Formatting Services

The aim of our Journal Paper Formatting Services and Manuscript Formatting Services is to correct the errors of format that occur suddenly or unknowingly. It is an extremely difficult task to format the entire document or content while drafting your manuscript or journal paper. Thus, professional formatting assistance can enhance the visual appeal of your document and make it look well presentable. Our formatting help can also make you comply with the format guidelines provided by your chosen journal.

The formatting of a paper generally covers the correction work on the following points:

  • Layout of paragraphs and headings/sub-headings
  • Orderly structure of different sections
  • Margins and spacing
  • Relevance and format of references/citations mentioned
  • Style of bibliography
  • Formatting of visual components like figures, charts, illustrations, graphs, tables, etc., while checking their sequential view and labeling
  • Overall text alignment and page margins
  • Paper size and page numbering
  • Bulleting and numbering
  • Indentation and font size/style

We take care of all the mentioned aspects and more. Youdemy formats the text considering any binding requirements for your paper, if applicable. Youdemy targets to improve your paper per the expectations of journal editors so it can enhance the readability and add to its overall appeal. Youdemy’s Manuscript Formatting Services have widespread acknowledgement in various domains like pure science, medicine, law, literature, information technology, and social sciences.

You may also avail Youdemy’s service by sending us your draft paper with the details of the targeted journal and the particular style format that the journal refers to. To know about the pricing and processes of Youdemy’s services for the formatting of journal papers, write to us at and contact our service managers now.

Standard academic essays, college term papers, theses, and dissertations are supposed to be well formatted according to the standards accepted by your school. Formatting an academic document to comply with the standards has proven to be a difficult task for most students, and that is why they look for professional formatting services. No matter how good your essay, thesis, or dissertation has been written, if it is not appropriately formatted, it will lose its worth. Therefore, it is important for your documents to be properly formatted in order to get the desired achievement. When formatting your documents, do not get confused and format your documents badly because a document that has been improperly formatted can ruin all the efforts you have put into completing it. Youdemy offers help with all writing and formatting styles: APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, and Turabian/Chicago, and frees you from any worries.

We Offer Professional Formatting Services

If you want help with formatting your academic papers, Youdemy is the best online writing company that can offer help in this area. It is one of the most reputable online academic writing companies offering help with Harvard, Oxford, APA, MLA, and Turabian or Chicago formatting. The experience we have gained over the years enables us to provide our clients with trusted formatting assistance, and they are usually satisfied with our services.

If, for example, you are looking for APA, we have qualified and experienced APA editors who offer the necessary services you need with formatting your papers while sticking to the most recent APA formatting standards. Our formatting editors are experienced in formatting research papers, dissertations, theses, and any other type of academic paper that needs formatting. Therefore, our services in formatting vary from research paper to dissertation formatting services; from thesis to essay formatting services among others.

We offer Quality Formatting Services

Our formatting editors provide quality formatted papers because they are usually supervised to make sure that they use the latest provisions in formatting standards guidelines. Therefore, you can rest assured that the formatted paper delivered to you will be up-to-date and will adhere to the latest changes in the academic writing industry. All our writers are qualified to format papers in diverse educational fields. Therefore, do not worry about your area of specialization; most likely, we have a perfect writer whose specialty matches yours. Our writers are always informed about the latest changes and updates to every formatting style through our continuous learning program. If, for example, a client wants MLA for a dissertation, it will be structured in compliance with the latest formatting standards for MLA style. All our editors are experienced professionals and are talented in academic paper writing and formatting.

Privacy & Originality Guaranteed

We won’t reveal your personal information to any other entity. We do not recycle, reuse, or resell papers; we only provide original, non-plagiarized, custom papers.

What Youdemy Guarantees

The following are the guarantees we can assure should you decide to get formatting help from Youdemy:

  1. Papers formatted according to industry standards
  2. Proper in-text citations in any style
  3. Properly formatted bibliographies and references
  4. Use of the latest formatting guidelines
  5. Full refunds as explained in our Money Back Guarantee Policy.
  6. Confidentiality and privacy of our online transaction system
  7. Unlimited number of revisions

Feel free to get thesis, term paper, research paper, and dissertation formatting services at Youdemy and experience the delivery of the best formatting services in the academic writing industry.


Essay formatting services are presented in two different types: citation style and layout essay formatting services. Youdemy provides effective essay formatting services to students of colleges and universities. Our professional writers and editors help students to format essays and other types of academic writing. Citation style essay formatting services are focused on providing correct formats, including parenthetical citations, footnote, or endnote citations, as well as reference lists. Our professional writers and editors help students to add missing information, such as the date of publication, the place of publication, and page number citations. Youdemy guarantees 100% quality of work. Our layout essay formatting services are of high quality because our writers take into consideration all the requirements provided by educational institutions. Citation formatting should be based on these requirements. It is necessary to place emphasis on the following elements of formatting: fonts, margins, and spacing. If students use incorrect fonts, margins, and spacing, their grades may be lowered. Students should remember that it is necessary to comply with the major style manuals. Besides, students should pay attention to the placement of page numbers in their papers. Our writers and editors can effectively use various styles to format academic papers. Our writers and editors use their skills and abilities to quickly format pagination. Students should pay special attention to other elements of formatting such as figures and tables.

Youdemy provides effective essay formatting services that help to properly arrange table tags. In addition, students should use the proper headings and subheadings. Our professional writers and editors effectively use their skills and abilities to place and format the major sections and chapters of the academic paper, complying with the established university standards. Do not hesitate to contact Youdemy to order essay formatting services and receive effective works. If students need formatting services to complete their academic papers, they should trust our editors because they are skilled and experienced. Youdemy knows that essay formatting is a complicated task for many students. Students should be aware of editor’s qualification. Our writers and editors can effectively use various formatting styles that affect students’ grades, including APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian styles. Professors are strict with the use of formatting. They may lower grades if the format is improper. Our custom writing company helps students to succeed in academic writing, get good grades and positive feedback from professors and instructors.

Our formatting experts will modify your page layout, text formatting, headings, title page, image placement, and citations/references to meet the guidelines of your target journal. We will also check the accuracy of your references and will indicate if you need to revise the paper so your title, running head, abstract, main text, and figure legends comply with the journal’s word count restrictions. You can ask an unlimited number of questions about the formatting of your paper.

You have a paper that you need to be formatted in a specific style, either according to your preferences or your institution’s guidelines and you don’t know how to go about it or have no time? Get in touch with us; we are here to help. We offer the most affordable and high-quality formatting services online for thesis, dissertations, and proposals among other academic and professional pieces of writing. We also offer services including thesis and dissertation writing, creative writing, proposals, term papers, editing, proofreading, reaction papers, etc. We have a pool of experienced researchers who write on any subject and deliver high-quality services within a short time.

Get Help Any Type of Formatting

Formatting refers to the material form or layout of a publication. Your institution may require you to format your paper using various styles. Usually, if you are required to do your citations in APA format, your paper should also be formatted using the APA guidelines. Good formatting is seen in the well-laid down paragraphs of your document with all the pieces fitting together flawlessly. A well-formatted paper is appealing to your audience and catches the attention of the relevant people.

Our experienced writers who will format your paper in whichever style you or your institution wants. There are various styles used in formatting academic papers including;

  • APA, which is usually rather popular and widely used in disciplines such as Education, Psychology, and Sciences
  • MLA style, which is often preferred in the humanities space.
  • Chicago/Turabian, which is generally used by those in the History, Fine Arts, and Business disciplines.

However, before you decide which format you want, you need to ask your lecturer what style is required for your specific course.

Our professional writers usually combine the general guidelines from current manuals of style and the guidelines from your university that you as our client will send us. We ensure that our formatting work meets the required standards to guarantee you approval by your institution.

To ensure this, we pay close attention to the layout of your paper. We format it to make sure that it is in line with the requirements of your institution and ensure that your paper has no formatting errors. Our efficient writers will look at the following areas of your work to ensure it meets the required standards.

  • Preliminary Pages: It is very important to ensure that you follow your university guidelines for the preliminary pages of your thesis, dissertation or paper. Failure to follow this can cause you many rejections and frustrate you. We ensure your preliminary pages such as cover page, typeface and its quality, abstract, table of contents, acknowledgments, list of figures and more, are correctly laid out, spaced and properly paginated.
  • Page Numbering: Different universities may require different styles of placing the page numbers. Most students find it hard to correctly page their papers, especially if the document is long. Our professional writers will ensure your work is correctly paged according to your specifications and save the headache of struggling to do it yourself.
  • Headings & Subheadings: Your chapters and section headings must comply with your university’s guidelines and be consistent throughout your paper. This may seem like a tiring job, but our writers will do it for you in the shortest time possible.
  • Margins and spacing according to your specifications.

Try Our Quality, Flexible and Affordable Services

  • We charge low rates for formatting per page, and may offer discounts to our loyal customers. You can make an order for formatting only or also try our other services which include proofreading and editing.
  • You can also get re-tabulation and design services and citation style formatting services at affordable rates. You will be given a discount if your order combines any of these services.
  • We offer various formatting options for our clients according to their needs. We can do formatting of few chapters of your paper or thesis, formatting of your tables and figures, formatting of your footnote and endnote citations or format your whole thesis at affordable rates.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

  • We employ highly qualified, educated and experienced writers to ensure that you get the highest quality services.
  • We deliver your work well before the deadline and allow you to consult with our writers for any corrections or additions.
  • You can contact us on any day at any hour for inquiries.
  • You can view samples of our work before you make your order.
  • Make your order giving us your guidelines and specifications according to your preferences or university guidelines, and we will assign you an expert to work on your document immediately and ensure you have your well-formatted thesis or paper ready to be submitted on time.

Solve your formatting dilemma now by letting our professionals do it for you.

Formatting Service

take your document to another level, by availing our best formatting services

When you are presenting something to someone, the first thing that judges your work is their eyes. That is why it is extremely essential that your work should be presentable, because it encourages people to look further into your work. And when it comes to documents, the thing which really enhances the quality of the writing is its formatting. The worth of the document increases manifold, if the document is properly formatted, professional formatting services, is known for its best formatting. This is the reason why, our formatting service is the UAE’s number 1 formatting services, and it is widely trusted among the students from around the world, especially from the countries like Australia, Canada, UK and USA etc.

The first impression is the last impression that is why it is very necessary that your first impression should be BANG ON. Allow our professional formatting services to lend you our expertise and make your document a perfect document.

proper formatting means, that your work is original

Writing an academic paper, thesis/dissertation or essay, are things which left students with almost no time for doing anything else. But completing academic assignment does not mean simply gathering data and scribbling it down. Most of the students mistake that when you are done with writing your assignment, your work is completed. But actually completing assignment writing is just the half work, your work will only be completed when it is formatted.

Have you ever thought why it is necessary to write a reference and citation in your research paper? Well, giving references is the evidence that the content which is in your paper is original and you have not copied from anywhere else. Apart from that, it also proves that you have approached various reliable sources to gather data to write your paper.

We have been in formatting service business for many years and have provided our professional formatting services to many students, which is why we are completely aware that how much importance does a properly formatted paper carries. This is why, when any student avail our custom formatting services, our formatting experts keenly format the entire paper, from page formatting to citations. So, if you are also looking for someone who can format your paper, then you should take benefit from our professional formatting services it is our GUARANTEE that, because of our best formatting your paper will help you earn great grades with your professor’s appreciation.

why we are the uae’s best formatting services?

Our professional formatting team is the team of experts and has vast experience in formatting documents. This experience made them to stand in a position that they can turn a normal document into an eminent document just by properly formatting it. They also have their proficiency in different citation styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford and Chicago etc and they are also expert in providing in-text citations. Formatting is not only about providing references and citations, all the other minute, but important things like fonts, margins and page layouts etc. are also part of formatting. Therefore, our proficient formatting team members give consideration to such things also and provide a completely formatted paper, including all citations, references and page layout etc., to our valued customers.

what you will give us

YOUR COMPLETE DOCUMENT: The document should be your final copy, including all the tables, figures, pictures etc.

YOUR REQUIREMENTS: Mention us all your requirements, like citation styles, page layout, tables etc.

TIME FRAME: At which date you want us to deliver your completely formatted paper.

What you will get from us

PROPERLY FORMATTED TEXT : The text of your whole document will be in proper style with proper spacing, citation, references and fonts etc.

PAGE LAYOUT: Your paper will have a proper page layout, for instance, margins, columns, headers and footers and page numbering etc.

PROPER STYLING OF TABLES AND FIGURES: Provide proper style to tables and figures, adjustment of their size to make them clear and readable.


Our Formatting and Artwork Editing offer researchers a manuscript polishing solution that refines all the glitches in your manuscript. Youdemy experts will iron out all the minor defects, format your paper, beautify your images and tables, and allow you to submit to a journal seamlessly!

What’s included ?


Youdemy will ensure that your text, figures, tables, & references are all formatted per the “instructions to author” guidelines. Our journal experts will also align your submission to parameters such as line spacing, font, and heading style, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Artwork Editing

Youdemy ’s experienced artwork editors, equipped with the latest software, will check and address all technical aspects of your artwork, including resolution (DPI or PPI), color, image and file size, etc., to ensure adherence to journal requirements.
Click here to know more about our artwork editing parameters.


Youdemy’s expert editors will minutely examine your manuscript to iron out all the kinks that a novice just wouldn’t catch. This will render your manuscript error-free!

Cover Letter

Our journal experts and editors will carefully craft a cover letter that makes your research stand out from the competition. We’ll help you communicate the novelty of your research in crisp, clean prose that demonstrates the importance of your findings.

What’s NOT included ?

The following aspects are not checked under this service. If you need these to be checked, please choose other editing services provided by us.

  • Word Count Reduction
  • Parallelism
  • Structural Review
  • Academic Style
  • Clarity and Readability
  • Flow and Transition
  • Scientific nomenclature etc.
  • Creating new figures

The Youdemy  Advantage

Our team of journal experts understands journal requirements and ensures that your manuscript is not rejected for proofreading errors and formatting issues in text, tables, and figures.

Our carefully worded cover letter will ensure that your research stands out from the competition.

What Do You Get?

Formatted manuscript

Edited images and tables

Cover letter

Editor Message file

Artwork Report

Delivery and Pricing

Upload your manuscript now, and we’ll get back to you within 3 business hours.

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